Thriving in an evolving energy industry is challenging. LYZK helps its clients anticipate where the industry is heading, identify opportunities, and make future strategies. Through our unique expertise and extensive project experience, our clients build their business value in a rapidly changing world. Our solutions are tailored to meet each of their needs.

LYZK works with our clients to ensure their competitive advantage by leveraging new technologies. The rich industry experience of our seasoned professionals speaks volumes about data analytics, technical assistance, implementation support, and insights on investment opportunities. We help clients manage complex technical portfolios and make business planning decisions.



LYZK manages the integration complexities between back-office and field-based operations to address and optimize technology convergence.

Typical Challenges:

  • Aligning technology investments with a strategic, long-term roadmap
  • Managing technology integration and adoption challenges
  • Establishing best practices for data, management, and analytics integration
  • Reducing administrative costs of technology assessment
  • Receiving full value from technology solutions

LYZK Solutions:

  • Technology strategy planning and development
  • Procurement support and process alignment
  • Value-based program management



LYZK helps utilities, vendors, and financiers make the right decisions and investments to manage the threats and exploit the opportunities associated with distributed energy resources (DER).

Typical Challenges:

  • Planning in a rapidly changing policy and regulatory landscape
  • Developing strategy in an evolving landscape of players and business models
  • Managing reliability and revenue with many individual market participants and resources

LYZK Solutions:

  • Market assessment
  • Regulatory support and a rate design
  • Strategy development and feasibility planning
  • System and operational impact assessment
  • Project and corporate due diligence
  • Business case development