Lyzk is an IT solution development and implementation company in energy. Our solutions empower our client businesses across the globe.

How do we operate?

These are the founding pillars of our operational philosophy and offerings.

Innovative Solutions

We aim to excel in traditional solutions for energy problems, and where they don't work, we rely on innovation.

Strategic Global Partnerships

We are part of a global network with technical and equity partners in different regions. Such connection enables us help our clients in reaching out to the interested partners for their projects.

Multi-dimensional Approach

We approach every energy challenge posed by our clients from all the possible dimensions; engineering, markets, economics, regulations and government relations.

Active in all areas of Energy Mix

We are currently active in all the areas of energy mix, from oil & gas, coal, and nuclear to renewable sources and energy efficiency.

Connecting Academia to the Industry

We have years-long engagements with the academia all around the globe and we look to leverage on these collaborations wherever this could benefit our clients.

Invest in Nature

We help our clients find best ways to pay back to nature, such as participation in carbon offset trading programs.